We are a small home breeder that take Boerboel breeding very seriously.

Our personal goal is to breed the highest quality puppies according to the breed standard.

We have carefully selected breeding quality Boerboel puppies from well-known, proven bloodlines to ensure that they would develop into healthy and well socialized parents.

Both Ubuntu (the Sire) and Chaka (the Dam) have pedigrees that go back at least 4 generations and all their ancestors are SABT registered dogs with proven track records.

All dogs carry the genetic traits of their ancestors, therefore we have carefully selected breeding quality Boerboels from excellent proven bloodlines that complement each other to ensure that our dogs develop into a quality breeding pair.

A breeding program must begin with parents that are in excellent health. Breeders must concern themselves with the health of their dogs well before they are due to be bred.

We provide optimum nutrition by feeding a variety of top quality food, including raw meat, bone, vegetables and essential oils and supplements.

Our Boerboels have been PennHIP tested. In addition, our dog’s thyroid levels are monitored and regular blood tests are run and checked by our veterinarian.

Between the ages of 5 and 7 weeks each pup will undergo a temperaments test according to the Volhard evaluation procedure. The Puppy Aptitude Test gives a good indication of each pup's temperaments score. 

In addition we will have our personal experiences with the development of each pup.

We feel very responsible for placing our puppies in good homes and making the best match between the puppy and his new family. The temperament of the puppy is our most important criteria for placing a puppy. Note that the prettiest color or pattern can be the absolute opposite of the character that is best suited for your family.

At Red Rox Boerboels we make no distinction between breeding quality Boerboel puppies and pet quality puppies. However the breeding quality puppy has been evaluated as having the better future potential to carry on the breed in structure, type and temperament, therefore prices may slightly vary.

Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home; a clean and spacious environment, providing optimal living for growing pups. The pups are born in our puppy room where they are kept in a quiet, safe and warm environment for the first few weeks. At 3-4 weeks of age, the pups are then moved into our family room where they are exposed to all the sights and sounds a home has to offer.

The pups are well socialized and exposed to obstacles, different surfaces, rides in the car, and have the opportunity for play and rest.

All puppies are health checked, vaccinated, de-wormed and micro chipped by our veterinarian prior to leaving our property. We strongly recommend that the new owners take their puppy to their own veterinarian within 48 hours for an additional health check when they return home.

Before committing to get a pup from us, we like to make you aware that:

  1. We DO NOT perform cosmetic surgery on our puppies such as tail cropping and dew claw removal.

  2. We carefully choose the families our puppies go to.

  3. We do require a spay/neuter contract for all pet quality pups.

  4. We do not ship any puppies.

  5. We do not sell to puppy brokers or pet stores.